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How to access the Special Boards Empty How to access the Special Boards

Post by pocky~ on Wed May 12, 2010 10:54 pm


Accessing the chatbox is easy. See the blank white space that says you are disconnected? How do you connect so you can join us and start chatting? On the line that says Chatbox, right side, there are three clickables: Refresh, Archive, Log in. Simply click on Log In and you can now start chatting. So come and join~ And remember to read the rules ^-^

Also, you might wonder why suddenly you can't access some of the boards and threads here in our forums. Well that's because these certain boards have post requirements. So to help you on how to access the Special Boards, here are the instructions and requirements:

Karaoke Room (KPOP Music Scene)
Requires 30 posts to view and post.

Downloads (KPOP Music Scene)
Requires 50 posts plus a review made in the Discoveries section to view and post.

Requires 20 posts to view and post.

We're Legal
Make sure you're of legal age: 18+, strictly no minors.

Game Spazz
Requires 5 posts to view and post.

*Once you've reached the post requirements, follow these steps:
Click Usergroups (on top of the chatbox, below our header), there will be a drop down list of all the groups in this forums, click on the Special Board group that you wish to join to. Your request will be reviewed and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Remember we do review your request.

-Don't hesitate to PM a mod and/or admin to inform them of your pending request.

Thank you and happy foruming!

How to access the Special Boards PhkpopsigB-3
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